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Gaming headsets are known for their poor sound signatures. Overpowering bass, muddy mid tone, and inaccurate highs. However, I think Kingston just made a headset that may satisfy audiophiles within gaming communities. Let’s take a look.


Kingston Revolver S features an elastic headband and comfortable memory foam ear cups to minimize the fatigue over long hours of gaming. It was comfortable overall, but it applied fair bit of pressure to the center of my head. I had similar experience using Steelseries Siberia V2, so I guess its the negative part of using elastic headband. 

Sound Quality

Sound signature of this headphone is spectacular. The high tone was accurate and has no flaw. Mid tones are accurate and does not overpowers high tone. The bass had a touch of muddy feeling, but I think they might improve this part before the official launch day. The sound signature of Revolver reminded me the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, but Revolver suffered some tears on mid tone when using in a high volume.

Kingston Revolver S headphone should be around $120 MSRP, but it maybe lower at Amazon or Newegg. There is no official launch date for this headphone yet, but Kingston told me that we should expect this great gaming headset to be launched Q2 of this year.

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