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Looking through the viewfinder, photographing split second of a moment, recording millions of stars, photography has redefined the way Jun sees the world. His eyes are becoming like a viewfinder where he sees an ordinary scene in rather different and interesting way to compose without even clicking the shutter.

Jun values the quality and understands the importance of a single image. His attention is on unparalleled image quality and ingenious photographic techniques on each and every photographs. Topped with handmade prints and immaculate quality controlled finished products, every piece Jun makes become an art piece.


Jun just turned 22 years old, but his skills and dedication towards the art of photography was recognized in both international and local levels using both of his landscape and portrait photographs.  He loves what he do: love photography, do photography.

Photographer’s Forum
Best of College Photography

Finalist using landscape

Sigma Contest

1st Place in Portrait


  • Portraits
    • Fashion, Corporate, Engagement, Fine Art, Boudoir
  • Landscapes
    • Nature, Star and Astro, Travel, Documentary
  • Basic Photo Editing & ProofingBASIC PHOTO EDITING & PROOFING
  • Skin Retouching
  • Advanced Photoshop Editing
  • Digital Photo Gallery & Download
  • Museum Quality Prints & Albums
  • Photo Licensing


Eric Bonnici

Vice President – Nevada Broadcasters Association

The Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame Gala is one of the most anticipated and respected events in the state. It is vital to the reputation of our brand that we partner with only the best of the best vendors when putting the vent together. This is why we use JYJ Photography. Jun has an eye like no other.


Gary Campbell

Principal – Audio Voice Work

I have survived 70 years and have finally found a photographer who produces incredible photos on a variety of topics. He is an accomplished, dedicated professional who knows his stuff. He may be young but he is brilliant beyond his years. His creativity will astound you and his ability to snap the shot at the right time will fascinate you. You will never be disappointed when you see the finished product.


Kayla Tyus

Jun is an amazing photographer, he really knows what he’s doing. It was my first time modeling and he gave me all the best pointers and tips.

JYJ Photography

Love Photography, Do Photography

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