Photographing Leica Store!

I was given an assignment to do an interior architecture photography. I was quite concerned about the location, so I went to local Leica store and asked them if I can use their location. I was fortunate that they were nice enough to allow me to photograph their store. The lighting conditions are outstanding, but their florescent light had some pink tint when photographed with in-camera florescent white balance.

Other than some color correction issue in camera, the shoot went quite smoothly. It was tough to compose the store correctly at first, and there was a big square column where it could’ve been the best position to stand. Thankfully, I brought 14mm super wide angle lens. I was able capture fairly wide at a short distance. Final image is a slight pano, two images combined, but used about one and a half. What do you guys think?

Overall, I think the results are great for my first attempt on interior architecture. And I’m glad that my first interior architecture photograph is from Leica store. Thank you for your cooperation, and I hope to own Leica camera myself soon!

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