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Yesterday, I was with Sue Bryce listening to her keynote regarding how to properly run a photography business.


Sue Bryce is known for her high fashion portrait, organic and film looking style, and her online classes that covers almost everything you can think of.


During her keynote, she told us that she’s a giver, but her kind personality was number one reason why she wasn’t getting enough money that she deserved. She told us to be bold and straight up ask for the money you worked for, because that is the only way to properly run business, get paid, and be successful.


However, paragraph above won’t work if you’re not comfortable and proud of your work. Honor your work, time, and your clients. Take pride in your work and time you put in, and do not feel guilty or shamed just because you made a mistake. Learn from the mistake, move on, and do better next time. Lastly, respect yourself. If you do not respect yourself, it’s going to show in the final product.


Have a good balance between giving and holding your money, ask for the money your deserve, be proud of your work, and deliver the final product with passion and love. There will be bumpy roads, some upwards, and some downwards. Do not feel ashamed and be guilty. Learn from the mistakes and improve it for the next.


Thank you all for stopping by my blog, and special thanks to Sue for allowing me for this wonderful memory. Thank you!

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