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Ikan recently launched new gimbal stabilizers for both DSLRs and smaller cameras, such as mirrorless and micro four-thirds. Who is Ikan? They are Texas based corporation who manufactures and distributes variety of professional quality products for both videographers and photographers for content creation. They have wide selection of products such as monitors, lights, teleprompters, gimbal stabilizers, and more. Check them out using the link (http://ikancorp.com/).

Ikan EC1 – $949.99

A 3 axis DSLR gimbal stabilizer that can support up to 4.5 pounds. Demo was used on Canon 5DSR and 50mm, but zoom lens like 24-105 f/4 will still work just fine. For me, EC1 was on a heavy side using one hand, but I’m just being ridiculous here. No one should do one hand operation on a full DSLR setup for stable video. To distribute the weight more evenly, Ikan have Dual Grip Gimbal Handle (DGH), sold separately for $84.95 MSRP.

Functionality wise, I think it’s a great rig. Build quality is outstanding with its full aluminum construction, and the joystick allows you to maneuver your pitch, yaw, and roll easily and accurately. 


Ikan MS-Pro – $699.99

I will say it’s a mini EC1. Both functionality and build quality is equal to EC1 except for its maximum supported camera weight which is 900 grams or 1.9 pounds. It works with most mirrorless cameras, phones, and GoPro cameras.

It’s obviously a lot lighter and easier to operate using only one hand, but camera on the stabilizer is also lighter. If you’re using Sonly Alpha A7 series, I recommend EC1 for maximum compatibility.

NiSi VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer

I found this polarizer very handy. Instead of using Lightroom, Photoshop, or whatever your post production software is, for that cool or warm sky on long exposure images require special care with white balance or color temperature. Instead of relying on your software, this filter enables to you see your desired color temperature on the spot. Don’t forget, it’s always best to spend more time on pre-production, capture the best image possible, and spend least amount of time on post.

NiSi Pro Nano IR ND + CPL Filter

To create creamy clouds or silk like river, you will probably need ND filters to use longer shutter speed. NiSi introduced waterproof and nano coated ND filters allowing to elongate your shutter speed to make images like this.

 Note: NiSi filter were NOT used for this photo.
Note: NiSi filter were NOT used for this photo.

They also have filter case that can withstand your weight! Even its main construction is plastic, it’s super durable and stylish. It can fit both circular filters for standard lenses and glass filters for bigger lenses or wide angle lenses such as 12-24mm.

Glass filters are now available through Ikan store or B&H, circular filters are coming soon. They told me circular filters are little bit later due to quality check, lets be patient!

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