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David and Luke are frequent WPPI attendee, but this year, they got to do their very first class at WPPI: Cinematic Lighting and In-Camera Artistry. I expected something very technical, instead, we discussed about the art and composition.

Personally, they released my heavily cuffed creative mind. I have extremely technological background, and creative process was always after technical part of the project and assignment. Through David and Luke, I was able to do creative process first, then technical process later.

 Father & Son | David (Left) & Luke (Right)
Father & Son | David (Left) & Luke (Right)

We can create and manufacture in our head. In our brain, imagination is reality.

— Luke Edmonson

Every light is lit in my head before I even think about moving around.

— David Edmonson

They also talked about different types of artists:

  • Natural Artists – Makes an art piece in no time, but have difficult time selling their art.
  • Learned Artists – Ok at creating content, but also knows how to sell their art.
  • Business Artists – May have difficult time making their art, but can easily sell their art.

What kind of artist are you? Does this apply to you guys?

Overall, the class was great. Some could’ve been dissatisfied due to lack of technical aspect; However, I found this class extremely helpful and inspiring. They were the true artists.

Thank you, David and Luke, for allowing me to do this awesome portrait.

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