CES 2017 Nvidia Keynote

There is a big keynote before CES show floor opens. Last year, Intel was here to announce their new partners and technologies. This year, in CES 2017, Nvidia is here to announce their new partners and technologies. Lets take a look.

Geforce Now

Geforce Now is an absolute revolutionary technology that will soon change the tech industry. Geforce Now is a simple cloud gaming solution for those who may not have access to high end gaming rig. It works for both Mac and PC and it is seamless experience. It is $25 for 20 hours and ALL games from Steam and Origin works as if they were installed on your computer.

New Shield

Nvidia also announced their new Shield. New Shield is not just for steaming or gaming purposes, it’s also a hub for AI powered smart homes. New Shield supports Google Assistant hands-fre and they added an accessory, Nvidia Spot, to extend Shield’s reach through your home.

Xavier – AI Car Supercomputer & Partnership with Audi

Xavier is a complete SoC that can power our future autonomous vehicles. It has ability to deliver 30 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second) while using only 20 watts of power. Xavier is designed to be the brain of the self driving care and both Audi and Nvidia is working together to bring Level 4 autonomous vehicle on the road by end of the decade.

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