CES 2017 Intel VR Presentation

CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich hosted Virtual Reality (VR) presentation today at CES 2017. Instead of typical power point driven keynotes or press conferences, they focused on the experience of still new to us, VR. Overall, the demo was super fun. We jumped off the helicopter with our wing suit on in Moab, Utah, hiked through the mountains in Vietnam, and watched Butler vs. Villanova basketball game in Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indiana. The VR experience was magnificent. Although it wasn’t full 4K VR experience, in order to keep the presentation smooth, short, and to minimize any major technical issue, I understand why they had to reduce the video quality.

Project Alloy

Brian also gave us a sneak peak to upcoming Project Alloy. Project Alloy is all-in-one VR gear that does not require PC. It’s operated and powered by its own, and I think this is a great solution for those who may not have access to beefy, high-end machine and/or for those who travel a lot.

Project Alloy has a potential to add another category in the gaming industry. Using Project Alloy, you simply put the gear and your room becomes a battlefield, and the mission begins. What a stunning gaming experience it would be with your friends and families!

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