CES 2017 Samsung Press Conference

Samsung is probably one of the most anticipated company that media awaits. There were literally couple hundreds of people waiting in line an hour before the conference. I think this long, never-ending waiting line is now more of a culture. It’s a great time to talk with the media members and industry analysts next to you who can have an in depth conversation regarding a product or a company. By the end of the hour, when the door opens for the conference, we trade business cards and hope to be possible future partners.


Quantum Dot Display TV

Samsung did not announced anything revolutionary. Rather they focused on their existing TV lineup. Samsung believes Quantum Dot Display (QLED) televisions are the future of our next generation TV viewing experience due to superior picture quality and lack of part degradation over time.

Executive Vice President of Samsung, Joe Stinziano came up to the stage and showed off their one and only cable that is required to power and use upcoming QLED TV. You don’t need three or four different cables tangling behind the TV; Just one, that’s all you need.


Notebook 9

We can’t forget about the laptops from Samsung. According to Trendforce, Samsung holds little bit more than two percent of the U.S. laptop market share compared to HP and Lenovo with 20% and Apple with 10%. However, Samsung provides sleek looking, thin, light, and fairly powerful machine for many. They updated their Notebook 9 lineup with beefy Intel’s latest architecture, Kaby Lake Core i7-7500U, Nvidia 940MX discrete graphics card, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and 256GB SSD at 2.73 pounds and 0.61 inches thick. For 15 inch laptop, I think it’s pretty thin and light. Although, I’m not quite sure with 940MX. The price and launching date has not been announced yet.


Notebook Odyssey

I think this was my favorite one out of all. An unexpected gaming laptop from Samsung called Notebook Odyssey. Available in 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch models, and is packed with performance. They both feature 7th generation quad core Core i7, memory up to 64GB(17-inch) or 32GB(15-inch), SSD storage up to 512GB(17-inch) or 256GB(15-inch), and GTX 1050 (40W full performance) with 2 or 4GB memory of your choice for 15-inch, GPU Not announced for 17-inch model, all at 1.1 inch thickness (15-inch) and 1.5 inch thickness (17-inch). They also mentioned about their Volcano Keycaps, which are curved keycaps that provide an optimal interaction when using, but I’ll test that out in the CES floor.

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