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PXC 480

This is Sennheiser’s high-end active noise cancelling headphone perfect for the travelers. Thanks to their NoiseGard hybrid active noise cancellation technology, it provides 50 hours of comfortable and uninterrupted listening experience.

Audio products are very subjective when reviewing. We all have different tastes and preferences. For your information, I like flat and natural sounding headphones. If you like Audio Technica M50 series, you and I have similar audio preferences.

I tested PXC 480 listening to Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. Mids are clear with absolutely no flaw, I couldn’t complain about it. Vocal was crispy clear with super clarity as expected from Sennheiser, but little bit too much this time. I found vocal slighting muting the actual music piece in the background, which may be due to lack of bass. I would give 8/10 for the sound quality.


PXC 550 Wireless

PXC 550 is another Sennheiser’s high-end active noise cancelling headphone, but it’s wireless and has more cool features. PXC 550 is a smart headphone. Built in touch controls on the ear cups, voice prompt system to navigate through your settings, and it even automatically pauses your music or call when headphones are taken off. Sennheiser promises up to outstanding 30 hours of battery life even with all these features and wireless capablities.

Listening to Dark Horse by Katy Perry using PXC 550 was a pleasure. I was simply mind blown due to its rich bass which Sennheiser is not known for. Both mids and highs have superb clarity, but mids were slightly overwhelming the highs resulting muddy vocal. To me, it sounded like inverted PXC 480’s sound signature. I will rate 8.5/10 for the sound quality.

Obviously, Sennheiser didn’t slacked off in 2016. They kept developing and researching for new technologies so they can bring it to the consumers to enjoy. Thank you for visiting my CES blog, and like always, I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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