Back to High School

Today was a special day; going back to high school to meet teachers and friends. It’s is more like “Hi, I’m still alive and doing good”, but it is just good to see my teacher that you had to see every day for almost four years. I don’t give my camera a break when I leave to somewhere. You don’t know what will happen and will have moments that you really want to capture. 

This is my one of my favorite, architorture teacher, Mr. K. He is the guy who will guide you to correct path of success, as long as you work. His class was not the hardest, but not the easiest either. He acted more of a mentor than a teacher in my life. He taught me many outside of school information, such as, building resume, possible certification tests, college financial aid and many more. Mr. K spends priceless effort and time to assist every one of his students to become successful, and I did not realized it until several months after I graduated. I thank Mr. K for making me to be who I am right now, and will not forget his dedication and selflessness towards his students’ success. 

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