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Life is full of unexpected events. Today, I think it is safe to say I met or experienced one of those unexpected thing. I took a shot in the school just for a memory or maybe pull off some decent portrait. However, it seems like it’s more of an abstract or fine art. When I was editing in Lightroom, I was disappointed because the lighting was poor and there were no interesting subject or an environment. Then, I started playing with the saturation, black and white, shadow, highlights and this came out. This image can create many different feelings or an impression depends how you look at it. I thought it is a guy walking towards the light from the shadow, but my friend thought it was something horror related. Tell me what you thought about this image when you first glanced at it. I would like to know!

Previously, I mentioned that you will have a moment where you really want to capture. I walked outside from the Fashion Show Mall and the lighting and the formation of clouds were simply beautiful. It was nice golden yellow, not so bright sunset light on the building. It created amazing effect where it shines the building itself. So, I took that moment. This is why I always bring my camera. 

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