Streamz Smart Headphone Overview

A smart headphone? Is it even a thing? I guess it is now. Streamz brought a brilliant headphone at CES 2016. A headphone that can play or stream musics on the headphone itself without any other devices needed, such as phone, mp3 player, and more. How is this possible? Let’s take a look.

Streamz headphone allows you to free you and the music. Your phones and tangling nasty cables are no longer needed. Everything to listen or stream your musics are inside the headphone already. Spotify and Pandora streaming is also available when connected to a Wi-Fi. The features are great, but is it actually good?


User Interface

Streamz headphone has a built in Wi-Fi music player. This allows the user to play or stream musics through the headphone itself. The user interface is very simple, a main screen to see and four arrows to navigate. If this is too difficult, you can you the voice controller. If you are smart watch user, you can control the headphone through the Streamz App. 

Audio Quality / Signature

No matter how good the features are, if the headphone has a poor audio signature, it is not a good headphone. Streamz headphone impressed me when it came to an audio quality. The bass is super punchy and accurate, and does not overpowers the mid tones or trebles. The mid tone was ted overpowering, but the the treble was very clear and accurate. Streamz headphone reminded me a V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphone.

Build Quality

Even though Streamz brought a prototype to CES 2016, the build quality was outstanding. It has a metal frame inside and seemed like a polycarbonate casing. I will say it is somewhere around Beats headphone build quality, but don’t count me on that, it is still a prototype. 


I think the headphone is great. This headphone is for those who travel a lot and want to save precious batteries and storages on their mobile devices. The headphone technologies are same as the one decade ago. All other audio electronic makers focused on the sound and build quality. I think this is a great step stone to move forward with our headphone technology.


  • Processor: Quad Core Cortex A5 1.6GHz and Cortex M3 100MHz Microcontroller
  • Storage:
    • Onboard System RAM: 1GB DDR3
    • Onboard Storage: 8GB, 4GB useable
    • Maximum Storage: 36GB with 32GB MicroSD Card installed
  • Audio: 
    • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
    • Dynamic Range: 112dB
    • Headphone Type: On-Ear (Streamz Go) and Over-Ear (Streamz Pro)
    • Driver: 50mm Neodymium Magnet
  • DAC Specification:
    • 96kHz and 24Bit DAC
    • ESS Technology Sabre ES9023
    • 96kHz sample rate at 24bits
    • Dynamic Range: 112dB
    • 12MHz Crystal
    • Patented Hyperstream and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator
  • Supported Formats: (Currently Supports) MP3, Apple AAC, FLAC, WAV / (Expected to Support) Apple AIFF, Apple AIFC, Ogg Vorbis
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX
  • Display: 1.5 inch, 128×128 resolution, OLED
  • Weight: 16 ounces


Music Player

  • Browse and Play Music on Headphones Stored On Headphones
  • Browse and Stream Music Stored On Phone to Headphones
  • Browse and Play Music on Phone Stored On Phone
  • Control Playback of Online Streaming Music

Music Manager

  • Create and Play Playlists of Music
  • Transfer Music from Phone to Headphones
  • Delete Music on Headphones

System Manager

  • Domain or Onboard WIFI Hotspot Selector
  • WIFI Hotspot IP and Password Setup
  • Custom Logo Display Configurator (Future update)

Online Music and Audio Manager

  • Online Music Service Selection & Password Setup
  • EQ Configurator (Future update)

Streamz Headphone Pro (Over the ear) and Go (On the ear) is available in two colors, white or black. The pre-order is $399, and is estimated to be shipped on March of this year.


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