Calico Springs Climbing

A road trip is always the best thing to do when gathered with many friends. Today, we decided to hike one of the most popular mountain in Vegas, the Red Rock. I was planning an easy but long and calm steady trail that anyone can hike and climb. Well, Krystal decided to climb pretty steep rock by the entrance. We all began our climbing along with her, but couple of them failed due to its dangerousness and difficulties. It was quite hard to climb at least an 45 degree rocks while carrying my camera and couple other lenses in the bag. I sure was scared a bit; One miss step could lead to possible death. Once we got to the top, the view was stunning. It felt like I was in the chopper. We climbed roughly about 100 to 150 feet upwards and went down safely, no one was injured. 

I stopped frequently to take some shots while I was climbing. Take a look at a beautiful scenery of Calico Springs.

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