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I was in New York City in August working on variety of photographs. This year, I was introduced in the world of film photography. It’s a lot different than digital photography. It takes a lot more effort, you don’t get to see the image right away, and most importantly, it made me to take extra time for each individual shots to compose and making sure my exposure is correct.

During this blog, I would like to share my images from New York City in 35mm film. It has timeless feeling. It feels like the images are maybe from the 70’s. It feels a lot more organic, and less artificial compared to digital images. What is your opinion?

I reached out to Ilford if they can send me couple bricks of film that I can use during my New York trip, and they gladly sent me a brick of Delta 100 and HP5. Thank you Ilford for sending me the films!

You may ask, who’s Ilford? Ilford, a photographer’s best friend, is a photographic materials manufacturer. They manufacture photo papers, films, and chemistry necessary to process films. Out of all, they are known for their legendary film lineups: HP, FP, and Delta films, and I got to use two of them.


Delta 100 Film

Delta films are a replacement of Agfa films, and comes in ISO 100, 400, and 3200 speed. I have not tried Delta 400 or 3200, but Delta 100 has been a magnificent film to use. This film make you feel like you’re using a digital camera, but in black and white. The grain is almost nonexistent, and it produces super sharp images.

As you can see, if I didn’t tell you this photo was taken using a film camera, many of you would assume this image was taken using a digital camera.


HP5+ Film

Ilford’s HP film has a long history. From original HP film to HP2, HP3, HPS, HP4, HP5, and now HP5+ being the latest, it was loved among professional photographers thanks to its wide exposure latitude. It could be easily pushed to 800, 1600, and even 3200. 

I can comfortably say, HP film is the way-to-go-film if you’re often doing street photography. Grain structure may be quite harsh during super low light environment, but in the day time, this is one heck of a film to use.

All in all, this trip was fun and memorable. Maybe next time, just maybe, I might only bring one film camera. Instead of shooting thousands of images and hoping one of them to be good, I liked the results from the films because it’s like magic to shoot film.

Thank you all for visiting my blog, check out my previous posts, and even consider getting one of my prints to support! Thank you again, and like always, I will see you in the next one.

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