New York Trip, Part 1

I love traveling. Traveling allows you to get away from the routine work schedules and just enjoy the time while you are at it. As a photographer, I am fortunate enough to travel while working, which often is the best part of my job. I went to New York last year, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as it should be. I was too busy finding places rather than going to places where I want to be or want to see. At least, I am familiar with Manhattan which will help me a lot during this trip.

Once I arrived at JFK, I was little bit confused. The airport was simply too big for me to navigate for the first time. Thank god there was an AirTrain that connects the airport and the subway line that goes to Manhattan. I took Blue A line from JFK to Jay St, then transferred to Yellow R line to catch early morning skyline of southern Manhattan. Unfortunately, the air quality was pretty bad. I could not reproduce the color like I did last year. So, I turned it into more of a fine art.

My next stop was the whole southern Manhattan. I walked about 7 miles this morning going every single corner of the southern Manhattan. I found many gorgeous architectures and building. Here are some of them.

After hours of walking, I was exhausted. I barely slept in the plane and I was carrying my luggages all the time. I still had another hour until the check-in, so I went to Grand Central Terminal to kill some time. While I was there, I wanted to do something different, something I’ve never done before: Time lapse. Let’s take a look.

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