Red Rock, Calico Tanks Hiking

We planned to take an easy trail before much harder and longer trail. While looking through the map, I decided to go to the Calico Tanks. This trail is only about a mile long and terrain is flat. The weather is clear and hot. It may not be the best weather to hike, but it is definitely a nice weather to hike as long as you keep yourself hydrated. While walking on the trail, we spotted several blooming trees at this narrow canyon like path. I thought the scenery was cool, so I took a shot.

We were suppose to go Calico Tanks, but we ended up somewhere behind the Calico Springs. While I was going through the images at home, I realized we took a wrong turn. Well, the trail to Calico Tanks were somewhat hidden, while the trail to this place was wide open.

Thankfully, none of us complained. The view was outstanding and I think it is better than Calico Tanks. We ended up walking more than couple of miles, but all of us really don’t exercise; We needed it.

I think it was not a coincidence for us to take a wrong turn, because we found the Bighorn Sheep. I only wished to have my 70-200mm lens when I saw the sheep. but I’m stuck with 50mm. I got closer to them, but they really didn’t like me at all. When I took one step forward, they took one step backward.

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