Mount Charleston Summit Attempt

Today’s hiking was not an ordinary hiking. It was more of a challenge reaching the summit of Mount Charleston. 10 miles long and about 4,000 feet elevation gain from the start to the summit.

Our plan was to start from Trail Canyon where Mary Jane Falls campground is located, and take the Forest Trail 41, then move on to Deer Creek Trail towards the summit.

We left Trail Canyon roughly around 11:45AM. By 1:00PM, we reached the intersection where Deer Creek Trail, North Loop, and Forest Trail 41 meets. We took quick 10 minutes break and moved on to Deer Creek Trail as planned.

However, we had to turn back after 40 minutes. It was 1:40PM and we are only half way done. We calculated estimated time of arrival to the summit and it will be past 3PM, which is too late to descent safely without dealing the sunset. So, for our safety, we decided to turn and hope for next time.

Here are some shots I got while walking on the trail.

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