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The giant of the tech giant, Samsung announced stunning news to the public today at CES2016. Unfortunately, Samsung did not mention anything about Galaxy S7. So, those who are waiting for S7, you guys have to wait longer. 

Today, I saw Samsung’s entrance to the UHD TV race against many other TV manufacturers, such as Hisense, TCL, and Sony. Samsung announced their new SUHD TV lineup screen sizes up to whopping 170 inches. This battle Is not only about the screen size, what’s inside the tv?

Samsung carefully thought about this, and implemented new system called Samsung Smart Hub to simplify the user experiences. Smart hub allow users to control all features of the smart tv using one single remote rather than two or even three remote controls controls. Your Netflix, Hulu, channel streaming, or any other applications you use in TV can be controlled using only one remote control. SUHD TV has bezel less quantum dot display for brighter and life like images. It also features ultra black technology to minimize the glare of the display while maintaining highest detail.

Here are the real and crazy news. This particular announcement from Samsung surprise me and everyone else in the press room. Samsung announced Gear 2 Classic that is “compatible” with ios devices! Yep, Samsung just made a product that is compatible with their biggest enemy in the market. Let’s see what kind of action Apple makes for their next generation iWatch; Apple is about lose smart watch battle against Samsung.

Lastly, Samsung announced Galaxy TabPro S (hmm… The name is quite similar to Apple’s). It is Windows tablet powered by newest Core M processor. It may not be powerful, but it is the thinnest and lightest 2 in 1 on the market today.

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