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Hello everyone, today, we are going to review Canon 28-80mm USM lens. This is quite an old lens, built in 1991. However, this is their first consumer level lens with USM, or Ultra Sonic Motor. USM is a device or a motor inside the lens to allow your camera to focus. USM is within the “premium” level in Canon’s lens line up, meaning it is not cheap to buy a lens with USM motor. However, this lens is an exception, due to its old age, you can get used copy around $120; But it is quite difficult to find one that has been well taken care of. 

This was my very first lens, it came with the used Canon XSi that I bought from Evil Bay. I was surprised by its fast and accurate focusing performance even with older and beginner camera body. Lack of IS, or Image Stabilization, may be the down side of this lens. However, if you are a person who usually shoots outside and use high shutter speed all the time and you are tired of kit lens? This lens is for you! 

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