Fun, Crazy and Memorable Weekend

I had both Saturday and Sunday booked for a photoshoot. Saturday for portraits and Sunday for the event photography. Both of the clients are my friends, however, I wanted to maintain as much professionalism as I can to produce a good photograph. The results were phenomenal. Waking up early for that golden light right after sunrise was truly worth it. Even at direct light, the sun light is not harsh, but rather soft and gives very good contrast to the subject. As I was editing through, I wished I brought my reflector. I only brought diffuser in case the photoshoot may go beyond the golden hour. Next time, I will just bring everything.

For the event photography, like it always has been, it was challenging due to lack of light. Event photography is something that photographers must be in point of view of the clients. I wanted to photograph something that are memorable and key points of the event.  I think I executed very well. 

Overall, it was a successful weekend. I love the feeling when the clients are happy and satisfied when they see the pictures. 

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