Trip to Ohio & Kentucky

Every summer, I try to go somewhere far to leave Vegas and refresh myself from the scorching heat. This year, with my wife, we went to Ohio and Kentucky. We were here for about 5 days, and it definitely was different east coast experience compared to New York.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Unlike New York City, Cincinnati was calm, quite, and rather peaceful. Even with big buildings and amazing skyline. This city gave me that sense of relaxation instead of that busy and crowded feeling in bigger cities.

Kentucky was totally different place than any other places I've been. I could never ask for more flat greens, which is great for landscapes. I visited Lincoln Birthplace Memorial and there was farm nearby where I took these photographs. Little humid and hot, but it was worth getting out of the car to take some time to make these photographs.

Some residential areas in Anchorage, Kentucky was absolutely gorgeous. Having these kind of scenery behind your house is definitely something to brag about. It was quite a tour I had here, but, man, I wish I can live some place like this.

To wrap it all up, my wife and I had an amazing time here in Ohio and Kentucky. It was refreshing to see greens that you can only imagine for in Las Vegas, and food here is outstanding; Of course, don't expect to lose weight here.

Lastly, we visited Calumet Farm since my wife loves horses, and I started to understand some horse lovers out there. 

I'm not a huge fan of a farm and/or zoo because I can't see the animals caged up instead of living their full lives in wildlife.

But these horses have acres; probably hundreds; to run around and literally do whatever they want. Also, to be honest, I was afraid of horses because I thought they were fairly mean creatures like camels and llamas who spits at you. But these horses were friendly and very gentle.


Overall, this trip was definitely something to remember. I got to see families and explore to the wilderness quite of bit. Now, I wonder what my next adventure will be.

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Trip to Death Valley and the Milky Way

Photographing the Milky Way often results in hours of planning, shooting, and editing. Doug and I arrived at Death Valley around 6 PM hoping for a colorful, pink second sunset; However, due to lack of clouds, there was no second sunset. Although one of our plan to shoot sunset was a fail, clear skies gave us big hopes to see the Milky Way.

April to September is the best time of the year to photograph the Milky Way because center of the Milky Way is visible from northern hemisphere. Almost exactly a year ago from today, my infamous Milky Way photo at Nelson was photographed. Enough with the talks, let's take a look at the photos.

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It was literally the perfect weather for Milky Way shooting. No clouds, calm wind, and 70 degree weather. I always say, night photography is 60% planning, 35% editing, and 5% shooting. Yes, the shooting takes a long time, especially if you're doing time lapse and/or star trails. But don't forget you can never make your Milky Way look like what it is like these photos without some enhancements.

I have to give credit to Doug for making a perfect orb for this shot. I tried it myself previously, but it was really difficult to make it look like an orb.

All in all, this one day trip to Death Valley was a successful run. I would love to go back and shoot for Milky Way at variety of locations since it's naturally have a dark sky. But be aware of city light from Las Vegas (East) and Barstow (South). Special thanks to Doug for making this trip possible.

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Exploring My Own Photographic Style

When I first started photography, I was intrigued by the equipments used to take photos; Long zoom lenses, fast lenses, full frame cameras, strobes, and more. I was known for my technicality when making an image. However, I sometimes lacked creativity and my own artistic input. Recently, I have been practicing and studying many other photographers, such as Sue Bryce, Clive Arrowsmith, David Edmonson to further explore and enhance my own creativity.

To be honest with you, nothing is better than trying to replicate what others did when trying to learn something. Other's lighting techniques, posing techniques, wardrobe, and more, I just replicated what they did. During the process I realized I liked something little different, and that is how I started to learn my own photographic style.

I'm in still progress finding what I like the best and what I'm good at. I think that progress is making me a better photographer than I was few years ago. Trying new stuff, meeting new people, taking photo is just a fun activity for me. Special thanks to Rachel and Heather making these images possible.

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