New York Trip, Part 3

This year in New York, unlike last year, I focused on making one of the best photo that can represent me as a photographer. 

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment. ” – Ansel Adams

Landscape photography often disappoints many photographers because it's usually done by someone and the photo comes out worse than the other photographers. It is extremely difficult to make an image of a place, photographed by thousands of people, yet make it interesting and unique. I will let you be the judge, let's take a look at the photos.


Manhattan Bridge. Image shot at Water Street and Washington Street.


Manhattan from the north side of Central Park

Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

3 images were used to create this panorama. Original image is 14944 X 4432, but due to its high image size, this one is scaled down to 75%, which is 11208 X 3324.