Photographs Revisited

I believe every photographs can be better. In fact, there are no such thing as best photos, there are only good photos. It is my job to make good photos look even better. My editing style and method has changed over the past months. I learned my editing techniques not only from school, but also from variety of famous photography Youtubers, such as Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Matt Granger, and Joe Edelman. It is crucuial to expose yourself to many different editing techniques. This allows you to understand Photoshop tools better, and one day, you can develop and find yourself your own editing techniques. Enough with the words, let's take a look at the photos.



In this image, I focused on the color reproduction and bringing the subject out towards the audience. Previous version had some imperfections; Shadow on her eyes, inaccurate background exposure, and some blotchiness on her skin due to uneven lighting and shadow recovering. As you can see in the new version, she pops out from the background. This was possible by making distinctive skin tone which separates her from the background. After some color correction and color filling, blotchiness were significantly reduced.

There are a lot more editing involved than what I just mentioned. In fact, there are more things I would like to edit, but my archive drive died several weeks ago causing me to lose entire raw files. Luckily, I had jpeg file to work with, but editing using jpeg file is quite limited.



After (B&W)

After (Color)

This portrait was taken during my early stages of my photography career. If I remember correctly, this shot was taken using Canon 7D with 50mm f/1.8 STM lens. However, as I go back and see this image now, I was little bit disappointed to myself. It looked as if I couldn't bring out the full potential of this image until now. Deep and thorough photo editing contributes dramatically to the final image. Just compare before and after shots, it's a whole lot different, and I'm happy with this result.