Intel Keynote Address, CES 2016

Brian Krzanich entering the stage using a Segway

World leading semiconductor manufacturer Intel was here at keynote event today to start off CES 2016 on Wednesday, January 6th. Last year, Brian Krzanich was at the same stage here at Venetian Press room reveling Intel Curie, a button sized wearable chip, and Intel Edison, the smallest PC module.

"We care more about user experiences than hardware specifications now these days." Brian stated. Technology grew rapidly for the past couple of years. If we look at the current trend where friendly UI, compatibility, device synchronization, and great OS support is needed, I think Brian is right. Along with this statement, He wanted to revolutionize the user experience to the next level.

Brian holding Intel Curie.

"Revolutionizing the user experience."

Drone with Real Sense technology to detect surrounding environments.

"We put out many great technologies last year, and this year, we enhanced it." Brian said. Today, Intel and many of their partners came here at keynote to demo what and how can Intel's latest technologies can evolve and be used for. Let's take a look.

Free runner Jason Paul was at the stage doing his regular free running activities. But how is this related to Intel's innovation? You will be surprised. Intel and Red Bull Media partnered up and integrated Intel Curie into one of their sports technology that tracks and records athletes' physical condition. It can calculate amount of G force that athletes may experience, and record their velocity and many other things that you may desire. 

Andreas Gall and Brian Krzanich

Jason Paul Front Flip

"What an amazing run"

Jason Paul Side Flip

High five!

CEO of New Balance, Robert Demartini was here announcing their partnership with Intel, and unveiled sports watch for the runners. There is no information about its functionality or design. They just said they are working on a revolutionary sports watch to improve our physical performance. This watch should be showcased later this year. Also, if you look at their shoes carefully, that is world's first 3D printed running shoe created by New Balance.

Intel has improved and enhanced the way we live. Today, through Intel keynote address, we can see Intel doing their best in their ability to bring imaginary and visionary technologies to us. We all have highest expectations from biggest and world leading company like Intel, and they met my expectations for this year.