Wildlife Project, Week of Nov 16th, 1st Visit

I mentioned I will be doing a wildlife project for several weeks. Today is its first day. I was not feeling well when I woke up, but I felt lucky where I maybe able to catch some blue herons. Unfortunately, the great blue herons did not showed up, but there were many activities from great egrets and snowy egrets. They were relatively close to the edges of the pond. So, I crawled towards the egrets so I can get as close as possible. One of them didn't seemed to care me. I was only couple yards away, so that is why I could get super sharp images. She even decided to pose for me. I think she likes photography. Day one result? successful. I'm afraid if day two gets worse...

"Ballet is my favorite"

Great Egret In Flight

Great Egret Hunting

Great Egret Calling