Red Rock Canyon Bird Scavenger Hunt

This trip to Red Rock Canyon, specifically Red Spring, was planned to do my self portrait project. Well, it became a great bird scavenger hunt instead. I get very scared when I see and/or hear a bee flying by due to serious allergic reaction. There was many hornets, possibly wasps spotted at Red Spring today. I was terrified, so I was moving away from the sport where many people complaint about the bees. While walking way from it, I heard an unusual bird singing (unusual singing as I never heard before), and spotted her between the trees. I noticed at home editing images that this bird was eating hornet! Yes, a bird eating hornet. It's very interesting. 

After many self portrait shootings, me and my friend, Kazuki, headed back to a car. But I spotted this cute chipmunks eating sunflowers. I thought I could get some shots since chipmunks are usually are not afraid of people and come closer to you. While I was taking photos of chipmunks, they suddenly ran away. And there is big bluebird out of nowhere flying towards me, and set about three or four feet away from me. This is my second time seeing a bluebird since the trip to New York, and I got excited. I was just holding down on the shutter button until she left. The result? It's amazing, sharp and feathery detail all over the body. Enough with the words, lets see the pictures, shall we?

Mountain Bluebird Spotted!

A Chipmunk

European House Sparrow

Loggerhead Shrike

Shrike Eating a Hornet